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What Is This?
Listing Trends is designed to allow potential sellers to research what is currently hot on eBay. You can select any category and view results by high number of watchers, bids, or price, and also view most popular search terms that eBay users are currently looking for.

Additionally, buyers can view listings that have a low Buy-It-Now price, or that are close to ending with zero bids.

How Does It Work?
Users are able to select any eBay category and view the items with the most number of bidders or watchers (in other words, items with the highest number of eBay users who have clicked the "Add to Watch List / Watch This Item" links on the listing page). This lets you monitor what items have caught a shoppers' eye, and is a good indicator of market demand.

 Computers: Vintage
Bid count: 13 bidders
Vintage 70s Digital Pdp8/m Computer
Current Price: $997.00
Time Left: 17 hours

Sellers can use this to determine an item's popularity - if one item has a much higher watch or bid count than another similar item, then it might be worth taking a closer look at listing to find out why. Does the item have more features? A better listing? A more attractive title?

Combining this with the ability to show listings with the highest price will add an edge to your market research, letting you know what you should be listing on eBay for the most profit!
 Video Games
Bid count: 65 bidders
POKEMON Sun & Moon Lot Dual Pack Ni
Current Price: $84.00
Time Left: 1 days, 11 hours, 38 minutes

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Category: Video Games

xbox 360 games
xbox 360
wii games
the last of us
xbox one
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nintendo 64
halo 4
grand theft auto 5