Listing Trends

What's most popular on eBay, as determined by eBay users!

Choosing a category

Your first step is to select a category from the list(s). You can either select a top-level category, or narrow it down by going deeper into the category. You can then display results by Bids, Watchers, Price, Popular Items, or Popular Search Terms.


The Bids option will show auction listings with the highest number of bidders.


The Watchers option will show auction or fixed price listings with the highest number of watchers.


The Price option will show auction listings that have had a least one bid, sorted by the highest price.

Popular Items

The Popular Items option shows items that eBay considers popular in a category, as determined by Watch Count as other criteria that they don't make public. In many cases, these will be fixed price listings that have had many items purchased.

Popular Search Terms

The Popular Search Terms option will show the search terms most used by people searching this category.